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Our R&D lab is slowly but steadily acquiring its character. 

Designed with a flexible range of achievable research and development tasks in mind, this lab has the capability to perform experiments and produce prototypes in, among others:

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Aerospace Design

  • Micro-fabrication

  • Robotics

  • Energy production and storage systems

  • Materials' Science

Our first experiments have already been performed in fractured blade flight dynamics for grass cutting machine safety.

All electromechanical and data acquisition systems have been built in-house and all experiments have been completed successfully for the first phase of the project. Basic safety of our first design has been established but further enhancements in range and data acquisition will be implemented for even wider understanding of the physics and a possible submission of an academic paper on the subject. 

Material testing has also commenced with results enabling the functionality but not yet commercialization of our first, Cypriot based design. 


A few of the completed and current projects undertaken by the team of the Nucleus R&D Center. 

  • Continuous Signal Multiplexing 

  • Ultra Light Cavity Radio Frequency Filters

  • R22/R44 Helicopter Accessory Attachment System

  • Brachytherapy Cancer Targeting System

  • 6 DOF Ultrasonic Aerodynamic Balance construction and Signal Processing

  • Novel Brush & Grass Cutting Blade System

  • Quick Install, Inexpensive, Lightweight, Modular, Mass-deployable flat roof stationary PV Panel Mounting System


Nucleus Pawblic Outreach  2.jpg

11   /   04  /   2020 

The core of our mission statement is to make life and the environment better everywhere and for everyone and we choose to interact with.

As one of our founders always reminds us: "We work for the public welfare", and we take this responsibility very seriously. We take this responsibility seriously in EVERY project we undertake or refuse, for every person we choose to work with and every organization we collaborate with.

Our commitment to our country and everyone who lives, works, produces and helps on this beautiful island we call home, does not stop to only our human friends. It is extended to all our neighbors, those who can fend for them selves, and those who sometimes need a helping hand.

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