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The Nucleus R&D Center's Outreach to ALL Cypriots Furry and not!

There is a load one can accomplish in life.

Somehow, this picture represents what I feel is one of my greatest accomplishments. Seeing a street cat take a comfortable, safe and care-free nap makes everything else seem trivial.

Our little house is becoming popular with the locals and we have several coming to eat and go (our restaurant is excellent) and others to stay the night (we offer breakfast).

Of course our means are still quite low, but when the necessity arises and a guest requires urgent medical attention, we offer ambulatory services as well.

Emergency Services

My beautiful boy Alexandros (baptized by me) was in a bad shape so up and go to the Dr. three days ago and will remain for another 2 - 3 for recovery.

When the necessity arises and a guest requires urgent medical attention, we offer ambulatory services as well

We live to provide high quality services in everything we do, and our we hold responsible ourselves to anyone we give our word of excellence to.

As you can see, our customers appreciate our efforts :)

The Work Never Stops

As a sign of appreciation to our patrons then, we are extending and improving our hotel's roof so that our customers can enjoy longer morning hours in the shade if they so desire, and much drier rooms during rain.

We hope to see great reviews on Yelp from them !!

An Ongoing Project!

We hope to see great reviews on Yelp from them !!
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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The Nucleus R&D Center's Outreach to ALL Cypriots

The core of our mission statement is to make life and the environment better everywhere and for everyone we choose to interact with.

As one of our founders always reminds us: "We work for the public welfare", and we take this responsibility very seriously. We take this responsibility seriously in EVERY project we undertake or refuse, for every person we choose to work with and every organization we collaborate with.

Our commitment to our country and everyone who lives, works, produces and helps on this beautiful island we call home, does not stop to only our human friends. It is extended to all our neighbors, those who can fend for them selves, and those who sometimes need a helping hand.

Our company is a new one and its resources are still limited, but our time and whatever materials and skills we can share are still ours to give. Therefore, here comes our first Paw-blick outreach hand to our neighbours, The Nucleus Animal Foundation.

Build baby Build

“Craftsmanship is the way we express our love for everything we do”

We are innovators and that means we always try to make things better, more functional and easier to use for a lower cost. Craftsmanship however is our way of expressing our love for everything we do, and no project is too small in this aspect. So we saw a few feline moms going about with their big bellies and skinny little bodies, we could not resist the urge to do something about it. PROBLEM: hungry, homeless, pregnant moms. SOLUTION: Build them a home, give them food, and once the babies are born assemble money to have them all sterilized so that no more babies and moms find themselves hungry and homeless. So here we go... Build baby build!!!!

After our last renovation a lot of our old shelves had no foreseeable use. With the view of furry ladies in need and an abundance of material, a solution was found and you can see the results above.

Our normally spotless lab was turned into a dusty wood-shop and after a few days of work and sourcing materials that were missing in a pandemic stricken Cyprus, you can see the results above. The only thing left now was to transfer our prefabricated wander :) to its final location.

Grand Opening

Here we are. After another project started. A project that can never be completed but only improved since there is always something more one can do for his fellow citizens, human or not.

Our first installation was at hand, and our first customers were already curious and interested even before completion.

An Ongoing Project!

“The improvement of our environment and the lives of the people around us is never done.”

So here we have our first little friends coming and eating our food day and night, and finding some shelter in a rainy day. After months of operating our Research & Development lab, we were hesitant in buying a surveillance system due to the cost, so naturally after building a stray cat sanctuary for almost nothing, we had to simply buy the most expensive face recognition camera system we could to keep it safe. The expression "the collar is more expensive than the dog" fits perfectly here. Yet... just as in that case, it is perfectly justified.

This however is just the beginning because the improvement of our environment and the lives of the people around us is never done. We will be here to feed these animals, and as funds become more available, take them to the vet when sick, and nuder and spade them so that we can stop the cycle of homeless animals, at least in our neighbourhood.

We hope that this small effort will make a difference in the lives of our neighbourhood stray animals, and serve as an inspiration for others to treat every life within their reach with love, understanding and respect.

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