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boxelder helicopter systems

Helicopter Accessory Attachment System


11   /  20   /   2018

With more than 1.6 million R22 and R44 helicopters currently flying, and almost 80% of all student pilots having passed through training with one, it is almost inconceivable that an efficient and light accessory attachment system was not invented until now. 

The BoxElder Helicopter Systems attachment design allows extremely strong and sturdy attachment of devices as heavy as two pounds with less than 50 grams of weight. (Please consult your POH manual for allowable attachment weight on crossbar).

Designed specifically for the R22 and R44 helicopter crossbar, it allows for a stable attachment without scratching the cyclic paint. 

Already a produced product in the United States, it is sold worldwide by Sporty's Pilot Shop, the largest aviation retailer in the world. 

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