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Organotypic cell grouth chamber

3 layer organotypic grouth chamber


07   /   2009

The challenge was to create a 3-Layer organo-typic cell culture chamber where growth factor, Temperature, and CO2 could be independently controlled, while cells could be observed in a 10mm focal length microscope lense (most common in small labs). 

An incredible challenge in microfluidics, micro-fabrication and custom heat control systems and aeration, this less than an inch and a half diameter chamber, machined within 0.0005" concentricity from both sides and allowing for three different flows proved to be one of the most challenging designs tackled by AMP Scientific. 

Requirements of simplicity, sterilization temperatures and chemical resistance along with zero toxicity and no gasket, no locking,  high pressure seals, was enough to push this project to more than 9 generations of design with several re-fabrications each before it was fully functional. 

Finally, a simple, reusable, easy to sterilize and standard filter accepting device was created, capable of 3 gauge atmosphere sealing without any glue or locking used anywhere in the apparatus. 

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