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cancer cell migration

Meduloblastoma cancer cell migration microchannels


03   /  04   /   2008

Micro-fabrication has its incredible place in micro-device creation. It is a complicated process with incredible capabilities and applicable problems to solve. 

At times however, having an incredibly powerful solution, does not mean it can be used in solving every problem. 

In the case of PDMA, CO2 breathable molds for meduloblastoma cancer cell migration experiments, micro-fabrication has proven to be less than perfect. With molds that only last for 10 to 20 casts and almost a week procedure to repeat the casting process, along with the expensive and hard to use materials, this process is too cumbersome for consistent experimentation. Furthermore, large variation between molds leads to problematic data, difficult to correlate. 

Sometimes, complicated experiments need to be based on reliable and repeatable hardware. In this case, a new algorithmic CNC code for a simple 3-axis machine lead to micro-fabrication results, build in durable metal, using conventional machines. Millions of casts, no recreation of molds necessary. 

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