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cardiovascular flow emulator

in vitro cardiovascular flow emulation


01/4/2009 & 25/4/2010

The complicated and always dynamic cardiovascular flow effect on epithelial cells has always been an almost impossible situation to accurately replicate and study in Vitro. 

After 4.5 years of work with no results between three elite universities in the US spanning the two coasts, AMP Scientific Corp., the original name company of Nucleus Research and Development center was able to crate two generations of machines whereupon two doctoral degrees were based. 

Able to decouple flow frequency, cell layer stress and strain, and even flow direction, the second generation of this experimental apparatus was able to emulate both normal and clinical conditions affecting negatively the critical epithelial cells in high stress and strain arteries close to the heart. 

Precise control of all micro-flow parameters was the opening door to the understanding of the effect of varying stress and strain of clinical blood-flow conditions to the epithelial cell layer. 

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