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cell Monolayer Shear flow

monolayer cell shear flow 


02   /  02   /   2008

The experiment that launched the original commercial Research & Development work of AMP Scientific, more than 12 years ago. 

Engineering is the art of striving to always create a solution, better, more effective, more versatile, more precise and with less cost. This 12cm X 16cm x 16cm experimental apparatus offered the capability to grow cells in a 6-filter container and simply place the container in the apparatus and apply shear stress on the cell culture mono-layer with pre-calibrated accuracy of 0.0002"achievable through a 5 minute procedure using pre-measured gauges. 

The two generations of this apparatus had the capability of being used directly in temperature and CO2 controlled environment incubators without any additional requirements, by simply placing the entire system in one. 

This system replaced a 3ft x 3ft x 2.5ft apparatus with two instead of six experimental bays and a cumbersome setup procedure of about 45 minutes resulting most of the times to the destruction of the sample.

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